Felice Bassuk & Richard F. Russell

A kidnapped American girl falls in love with her mysterious rescuer and marries him,

only to discover he was the underworld kingpin responsible for her kidnapping.

Bangkok, Thailand.  Kimberly Harrington, stunning blonde in negligee, reclines dreamily on her bed. Sybil, her daughter, celebrates Songkran at the riverbank. Clay, Kimberly’s cuckold husband, labors in the American embassy despite the holiday. At home, Sybil discovers the pipe that creates a rift between her parents.

Under Clay’s scrutiny, Kimberly cannot continue her affair. Instead of fleeing with her lover Toshiro, she breaks it off. Clay returns home to find Kimberly lifeless, pills strewn about her on her bed.

At the memorial service, Toshiro furtively studies Sybil. The following day, Sybil is attacked in the street. Her bodyguard resists in a highly charged martial arts battle – but she is killed, and Sybil is kidnapped.

Grief-stricken and alone, Clay is unable to function at work. The PI he hires is worthless. A journalist’s articles fail to generate leads. Clay teams up with a criminal gang and becomes persona non grata. The Ambassador orders him to leave Thailand, but he goes into hiding — he must find Sybil.

Sybil is taken to Toshiro’s fortified compound in the Thai hills. Studded with shimmering koi ponds, it is a training ground for assassins. Ratana becomes her BFF and warns Sybil about Toshiro. Golden Girl trains Sybil to fight, but venom fills her jealous heart.

Toshiro introduces Sybil to koi. She learns that koi are strong, resilient survivors. She gains insight into the enigma that is Toshiro.

Ratana falls ill. Sybil plots their escape to Bangkok. They sneak away and hide in the back of a wagon bound for Bangkok. They reach a hospital, but too late to save Ratana. She succumbs that night. Seeking asylum, Sybil trudges to the American Embassy.  At the gates, she is captured by Toshiro’s guards and taken back to the compound.

With Ratana gone, Sybil embraces the koi and grows to love them, even as the attraction between her and Toshiro blossoms. Golden Girl poisons the koi pond, massacring the prized koi, and Toshiro slays her.

Clay’s gang discover Sybil’s whereabouts. They attack the compound, just as Sybil and Toshiro marry in a simple Shinto ceremony, miles from the fracas. Guards are killed, and the police arrest Clay and throw him in jail.

The journalist convinces Wongsawat of Toshiro’s role in Sybil’s kidnapping. Wongsawat prepares his soldiers for a raid on the compound.

Sybil’s marital happiness is short-lived as she finds evidence that Toshiro loved and still longs for Kimberly. Sybil confronts Toshiro who tells her: “Koi deal with surprise. Koi overcome.”

But the tide shifts.

Under a moonlit sky, a drunken Toshiro drags Sybil into the koi pond. They struggle and fight. Sybil buries a knife in his chest and abandons him, alive but helpless. She hides in the bushes as Wongsawat arrives with his soldiers. They reach the bloody koi pond and fish Toshiro out.

Free at last, Sybil dashes through the gate – and freezes. Walking toward her, scraggly and bearded, is Clay.  He stops, exhausted but overcome with joy.  She can barely breathe as tears run down her cheeks…