Producing THE KOI KEEPER requires the perfect blend of American and Asian talent and creativity. This will be a state-of-the-art film using top actors and crew drawn from both America and Asia. The ambitious goal requires a unique collaboration between American and Asian elements for a memorable action-drama movie experience.  This vision can be achieved only through the blending of Asian and American efforts, through the synergy formed from true collaboration. Talent and funding are being sought now to create a work of art greater than the sum of its parts.


Bangkok, Thailand. At the riverbank, Sybil celebrates Songkran with Supatra, her family’s domestic. In the American embassy, Clay labors despite the holiday. In a luxurious hotel room, Toshiro offers a gift and urges Kimberly to forsake her marriage. At home, Sybil discovers the pipe that creates a rift between husband and wife.

Under scrutiny, Kimberly cannot continue the affair. On the day she was to fly with Toshiro to New York, she calls it off. She can’t do it. Clay returns home to find Kimberly lifeless, pills strewn about her on her bed.
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Silk and satin, romance and seduction. KIMBERLY HARRINGTON, late 30s, stunning blonde in a negligee, heat on a hotel bed. TOSHIRO, 40, handsome, mysterious, and naked, kisses her tenderly…

CLAY HARRINGTON, an American diplomat in Bangkok, is Kimberly’s cuckold husband; SYBIL, 16, is their precocious daughter. Addicted to the drugs Toshiro supplies, Kimberly plans to run away with him – tomorrow! But the next day, drug-sick and fearful of leaving her family, Kimberly calls it off.
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