Producing THE KOI KEEPER requires the perfect blend of American and Asian talent and creativity. This will be a state-of-the-art film using top actors and crew drawn from both America and Asia. The ambitious goal requires a unique collaboration between American and Asian elements for a memorable action-drama movie experience.  This vision can be achieved only through the blending of Asian and American efforts, through the synergy formed from true collaboration. Talent and funding are being sought now to create a work of art greater than the sum of its parts.


Bangkok, Thailand. Toshiro, a trafficker in drugs and females, is jilted by his Western lover, the opium-addicted wife of an American diplomat. Seeking revenge, Toshiro kidnaps Sybil, the seven-year-old daughter of the woman he loves. He condemns Sybil to a brothel where she is disguised and beaten. She toils as a slave but remains unmolested as her parents comb the crowded streets. Bangkok swallows yet one more
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Desire permeates the steamy, teeming streets of Bangkok. Desire thrusts Kimberly, the blonde wife of an American diplomat, into the embrace of opium. Desire fuels the ambition of Clay, the blind diplomat. Desire burns inside Toshiro, the half-American, half-Japanese drug kingpin who has become Kimberly’s lover. Desire rules all— except for Sybil, privileged daughter of Clay and Kimberly. For her, desire bides its
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