Felice Bassuk & Richard F. Russell

A kidnapped American girl falls in love with her mysterious rescuer and marries him,

only to discover he was the underworld kingpin responsible for her kidnapping.


Synopsis:  Bangkok, Thailand. At the riverbank, Sybil celebrates Songkran with Supatra, her family’s domestic. In the American embassy, Clay labors despite the holiday. In a luxurious hotel room, Toshiro presents a gift and urges Kimberly to forsake her marriage. At home, Sybil discovers the pipe that creates a rift between husband and wife.

Under scrutiny, Kimberly cannot continue the affair. Jilted and angry, Toshiro sends thugs to kidnap Sybil.

Clay and Kimberly are devastated. When Sybil’s blood-soaked shoes arrive in an anonymous box, Kimberly seeks help from Toshiro. He will help, but only if she will leave her husband. She agrees.

Clay returns home to find Kimberly overdosed and lifeless. At a memorial service, Clay confronts Toshiro. Words turn to blows. Clay becomes persona non grata and is ordered to leave Thailand. But he won’t flee. He must find his daughter.

Sybil is transferred to Toshiro’s fortified compound in the Thai hills. Studded with shimmering koi ponds, it is a haven of drugs, martial training, and flesh-filled orgies. Ratana becomes her BFF and warns Sybil about Toshiro: “Is dark. Can do what he wants.”

Clay hires a Thai detective who is nothing but a con artist. Clay meets a Thai journalist who publishes the story of Sybil’s disappearance. The story fails to generate any leads. Despairing, Clay teams up with a gang of marauders who discover Sybil’s whereabouts and make plans to rescue her.

Toshiro introduces Sybil to koi. She learns that koi are strong, resilient survivors. She gains insight into the enigma that is Toshiro.

Ratana falls ill. Sybil leads their arduous bid for freedom, only to be rebuffed at the gates of the US embassy.  Captured and returned to the compound, Sybil is punished and Ratana is banished, never to return.

Sybil embraces the koi and grows to love them, even as the attraction between her and Toshiro blossoms.

Clay and the Thai gangsters attack the compound. Guards are killed while Sybil and Toshiro marry in a simple Shinto ceremony, miles from the fracas. The police arrest Clay and throw him in jail.

With Sybil at his side, Toshiro requests permission from a powerful official, Wongsawat, to expand his business. Wongsawat refuses.

The journalist convinces Wongsawat of Toshiro’s role in the kidnapping. Wongsawat prepares his soldiers for a raid on the compound.

Sybil’s marital happiness is short-lived as she finds evidence that Toshiro loved and still longs for Kimberly.

Sybil confronts Toshiro who tells her, “Koi deal with surprise. Koi overcome.” But the tide shifts.

Party night. A drunken Toshiro drags Sybil into the koi pond. They struggle. They fight. Sybil frees herself, but rather than kill him, she abandons him alive, maimed and helpless. She hides in the bushes as Wongsawat arrives with soldiers. They reach the koi pond and fish out Toshiro.

At the gate, Sybil makes a run for it. A man approaches and she stops.