Felice Bassuk & Richard F. Russell

A kidnapped American girl falls in love with her mysterious rescuer and marries him,

only to discover he was the drug lord responsible for her kidnapping.


Synopsis:  Bangkok, Thailand. Toshiro, a trafficker in drugs and females, is jilted by his Western lover, the opium-addicted wife of an American diplomat. Seeking revenge, Toshiro kidnaps Sybil, the seven-year-old daughter of the woman he loves. He condemns Sybil to a brothel where she is disguised and beaten. She toils as a slave but remains unmolested as her parents comb the crowded streets. Bangkok swallows yet one more child.

Her mother retreats to a DC suburb where she quashes her addiction and gives birth to a second child – a girl with Toshiro’s eyes.  Sybil’s father remains in Bangkok until a fight with Toshiro renders him persona non grata.  He is expelled from Thailand, ignorant of his daughter’s fate.

In the brothel, Sybil meets Ratana, a Thai two years older, who snatches Sybil’s only possession, a necklace pilfered from her mother.  Yet, when Sybil’s escape attempt fails and she is beaten to the brink of death, it is Ratana who bathes the wounds.  They bond and learn to game a system rigged to crush them.

Toshiro plucks the 17-year-old Sybil from the brothel and plants her in a lavish mansion in northern Thailand, a mansion teeming with drugs and beautiful prostitutes.  Ratana and Sybil meet the intimidating Golden Girl, an unparalleled martial artist and Toshiro’s bodyguard. Assigned to protect Sybil, Golden Girl observes Toshiro’s growing attraction, which incites a dangerous jealousy. Sybil and Ratana escape to Bangkok but are quickly recaptured. The ailing Ratana is

banished, never to return.  Sybil is elevated to the coveted position of koi keeper, replacing Golden Girl, which fuels Golden Girl’s fury.

Ever hopeful, Sybil’s father convinces his dubious wife to make one last effort to find their daughter.  Bitter failure further erodes a shaky marriage, as Sybil’s tracks have disappeared and the private investigator they have retained owes his soul to Toshiro.  They abandon Thailand frustrated, humiliated, and unable to even comfort one another.

At Toshiro’s mansion, envy triumphs when Golden Girl pours bleach into the koi pond, massacring the expensive fish.  Sybil accepts all blame.  With Golden Girl poised to slay, Toshiro intercepts the strike, saving Sybil and ending Golden Girl’s life.

Convinced that her parents abandoned her, and charmed by her mysterious master, Sybil marries Toshiro.  Only then does she discover the devastating truth – her mother had been Toshiro’s lover and he had kidnapped Sybil to avenge her mother’s betrayal.  Sybil further deduces that the heartless Toshiro sent Ratana to her death.

Party night.  Sybil and an inebriated Toshiro dance into the koi pond.  Angered, Sybil plunges a dagger into Toshiro’s chest.  As the koi peck at his lifeless eyes, Sybil grabs her purse and flees.  A bus.  A plane.  America.  Home.